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Born and raised in Salzburg, Vinzenz Wagner discovered his dancing talent at the age of ten. As a co-founder and active member of the renowned dance theatre group Nobulus, Vinzenz Wagner has mesmerized audiences on numerous stages worldwide. His captivating performances have taken him to prestigious venues such as the Palace Of Fine Arts in San Francisco, Sadler’s Wells Theatre in London, and Das Große Festspielhaus in Salzburg.

In 2011, Vinzenz Wagner took the spotlight as the lead in the ground-breaking dance theatre production “Out Of The Shadow,” earning critical acclaim from renowned publications such as The Times and The Guardian, which hailed it as “a revolution of dance theatre…”

Following his successful seven-year tenure on stage, Vinzenz Wagner transitioned into the world of acting and made his debut as the lead character in the Austrian feature film “Rise Up! And Dance.” This marked the beginning of a versatile career that has seen him excel on both national and international screens.

In 2015, Vinzenz Wagner confirmed his acting talent on an international level, starring in the Canadian TV series “X Company,” directed by Amanda Tapping. His remarkable performance in the show further showcased his range and ability to captivate audiences.

Continuing to expand his repertoire, Vinzenz Wagner portrayed the young soldier Egon in the German TV series “8 Days” in 2019, directed by Oscar Award winner Stefan Ruzowitzky. The same year, he brought his talent to the British television landscape, playing the role of Carlos in the acclaimed series “The Mallorca Files” on BBC, under the direction of Bryn Higgins.

In 2020, Vinzenz Wagner immersed himself in the role of soldier Seiler in the gripping TV series “The Island,” directed by Christian Alvart. His dedication to his craft and ability to breathe life into diverse characters earned him praise and recognition.

In 2021, Vinzenz Wagner demonstrated his acting prowess once again in the German TV series “Even Closer,” where he portrayed one of the main characters under the direction of the talented Raquel Stern. The following year, he appeared in the TV film “Sommer auf drei Rädern,” directed by Marc Schlegel, showcasing his ability to bring depth and authenticity to his roles.

In 2023, Vinzenz Wagner embraced a futuristic role as the enigmatic robot Natural Bro in the German TV series “Tender Hearts,” which aired on Sky. He is currently working on the fourth season of the acclaimed TV series “Charité,” directed by Esther Bialas.

Vinzenz Wagner’s artistic journey continues to evolve, leaving an indelible mark on the realms of dance, theater, and screen. With each project, he pushes the boundaries of his craft and captivates audiences with his undeniable talent and versatility.

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